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Just had a fantastic meeting with Takis, the designer for upcoming ETO production of Calisto that I'm directing and conducting. It's really an adventure since its a piece I've been doing over and over for the last 12 years, and know better than any other work. Thats a real challenge for a designer since I fear I might have a tendency to overbear based on the work I've done before. Takis however has come up with a truly exciting design that isn't at all what I expected, and at the same time captures precisely the feel I want for the show. In the dramaturgy I'm going in a new(ish) direction, one that gets to the bottom of what Calisto is about and what it has to say to contemporary audience. This set direction is so exciting. I can't share images yet, but its definitely something not to miss...innovative and classic at the same time, funny and and sad, moving and full of wonder.

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