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This week is mostly dedicated to finishing my English translation of Calisto (hopefully done tomorrow), getting Fairy Queen score finaly off (only a little late!), finishing the design presentation for Grand Rapids Opera's Orphee, and starting to put my own opera "Sakuntala" into notation software. The reward at the end of that is a full weekend of rehearsals with Nieuwe Stemmen for the Monteverdi Orfeo and Vespers for the Rotterdam Opera. That might not sound like much of a reward, but then you wouldn't know my passion for Monteverdi. This weekend I finally get to layout my concept for the two pieces, which has to do with ancient understandings of Orpheus as a trope for Christ, and how the two piece are both Monteverdi's profond reflections on faith, loss, and hope...just one is secular and one sacred, but the trick is telling which is which. More on that later, but we will be presenting it in pre-war tunnels under the city of Rotterdam with the acclaimed Amsterdam orchestra 't Kabinet. I'm conducting and directing and it's such a weekend treat! For the performances we have to wait until May, but process is what its all about anyway.


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